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66th Air Division Galm was created by the YouTuber Blaze WarDog016. What this wiki will tell you will be Declassified making it available to the public. The 66th Air Division 'Galm' is a mercenary squadron from the Belkan War of Ace Combat Zero. Galm 1 aka Blaze WarDog016 is head of this mercenary force. Galm 1 is known to be a great fighter pilot. Despite from what other people are saying, he is making a name for himself on YSFlight. You can read more about Blaze WarDog016 on another wiki within this site. 66th Air Division is rapidly growing, 9 members strong! With extensive training they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. 66th Air Division is a lone mercenary force for Ustio. They were hired to help the Allies in The Belkan War. Now assisting SARF they are fighting against whoever poses as a threat to both SARF and Galm Team.Equipped with F-15s they are seeking upgraded equipment to help aid the fight in whatever mission possible. Galm 2 aka Chopper WarDog008 is partnered alongside Blaze aka "Cipher". Galm 2 is reliable willing to help Cipher achieve the mission. 66th Air Division was created on December 19th 2017. 66th Air Division 'Galm' goes on missions of their own. Although they fly apart from SARF they have quite similar mission objectives. 66th Air Division 'Galm' has their own Discord too. in the end you will not want to mess with this mercenary force as they will get revenge in any way possible. Even though they are still new they will hunt down their objectives in the end and complete their mission. (Whatever mission that may be.)

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Galm 1: Blaze WarDog016

Galm 2: Chopper WarDog008

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Galm patch

The 66th Air Force/Division Unit "Galm"